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The Theology Mission is a ministry of Mission Church. The Theology Mission was birthed out of a growing hunger among people who desired to gain, retain, or prepare for theological education. We understand that often times there are barriers to attending traditional Bible Colleges and Seminaries, mainly time and cost, so we prayerfully considered what infusing sound Biblical and Theological content in short, low or no cost lectures that would be readily transferrable in whatever context one was serving in as an aid in fulfilling the great commission. We envision The Theology Mission is a place where Pastors discover there next sermon series, students study with a rigor not offered in traditional Sunday School settings, church planters and missionaries receive training that will lead to a trajectory of meaningful theological study in ministry, or where small group Bible Study leaders find encouragement and tools for teaching their group
We gather together for 1-2 days of lectures for fellowship to work through a particular book or books of the Bible or for clarity on a specific doctrine or doctrines with the goal of growing in our Love for the Lord Jesus Christ. We meet for this very purpose: We pray that anyone who attends our lectures would be encouraged, strengthened in their faith and further equipped to serve wherever God has called them. Join us in this Mission!

Who are the lecturers?
The lectures include pastors, scholars, and serious students of the Word who have a passion for teaching the Scriptures, a love for the church, and are serious about missions.

Who are we for?
The Theology Mission exists for pastors, ministry leaders, High school, Bible College and seminary students, stay at home moms, plumbers, mechanics, retirees, and anyone who wants to better understand the meaning and theology of the 66 books of the Bible.

Partner with us
We desire to aid the local church in the process of providing solid Biblical, Theological Biblical content for those who live, work, and minister throughout Hampton Roads and beyond. Because our lectures come at no or little cost to our students we depend on the faithful support of people like you. 

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